Afternoon Tea with the ladies

Today dearest readers I once again attempt (in vain?) sophistication by going to afternoon tea.

Not just any afternoon tea. One of my recommended reads (I’m not sure if their Ukrainian Audience share has thus improved as a result) is The Boy Who Bakes, Edd Kimber’s blog. And imagine my delight when he announced a month long “residency” ( to make it sound more showbizzy) at a Birmingham hotel or afternoon tea? So I thought, let’s take Mum and Nan, and let’s drag Claire along. I haven’t seen Claire since a rather ill fated trip to see her daughter Annabelle and I crashed my car into the back of another car ( insert #moron here, tweeters). So as we both turned 31 on July 26th, it’s a nice way to celebrate our joint birthday in a more mature fashion. This will be followed by a spa day at Center parcs Friday. And then to undo any hard work done to appear sophisticated, we will go for dinner and then go ape to Britney and Gaga on Saturday in Birmingham’s finest homosexual venues. Whoop whoop!

I will keep you posted on how all this goes, with visuals of course dear readers.

Just did Body Pump. Groan. Although getting back to fitness. Need more weight on my bar. Grr, I’m almost bear-esque. (Irony….)

Home made pesto last night. The basil was on offer in Waitrose. I had no pine nuts so used walnuts which worked well. Very tasty, I tossed it with pasta and some chestnut mushrooms, peppers and leeks rather than onions, simply because we had some that needed using. It taste fresher and more summery as a result. Good call, Millward. I also used Pecorino not Parmesan, which was different. I think I prefer parmesan, but it is not at all unpleasant. Good job, we have about 4 more meals worth in the fridge. It calls out for a tomato and mozzarella salad!

I will spill all later dears about my afternoon tea adventures. Blog later folks! X

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