Three day weekend- the Rock and Roll Diary

Whoop whoop. Three days off in succession. I’m very excited about the prospect. Last night was wild. Post work, had a pint in The Washington with MC and Amy. One whole pint. Kick-Ass.

Post pint, I headed home to make dinner. Had some leftovers from Thursday’s wholemeal burritos, so decided to stretch it out and make a second nights dinner from it. Actually, is was better second time around. We had it in front of the tv, where I was forced to watch Torchwood, quite possibly one of the worst TV shows on the screen right now. I’m just so offended by the career of John Barrowman. He is infuriating. Smarmy, smug and irritating.

On a recent trip to TK Maxx I discovered the following:

A half painted giraffe. Now this is less offensive than many things, but who would want to display something like this? It looks like a half arsed job…..

Remember the weird patterned dogs I found in Home Sense? They have a rabbit cousin…. With an evil squint to boot

Now who doesn’t love some whippet/weasel cross breed? In an orange and beige colour scheme. And who would not love to see it’s finest carnivorous moment, with a fish in it’s mouth. Now one can display it in their parlour for all eternity. How horrendous.

Gloss finished sad faced fat dog. Enough said.

It’s a Hindu statue, finished in your finest glitter and rhinestones. For the homosexual of faith in your life.

Brown, weirdly patterned horse statue. Join me in rolling your eyes.

Today I have been to TK with Pete, and bought a fabulous Full Circle blazer. Cannot wait to debut it some time. And I also bought food for dinner, lunch for the two of us in Nandos (mainstream, yes, but always satisfying- god bless you macho peas) and toiletries. Rock on, 31! It’s Manchester Pride, but cannot be bothered to go. Why spend £20 to get into the village, to watch Pixie Lott who I loathe and drink out of plastic cups? Instead I can shop, go see Captain America, make a lasagne, and get up fresh enough tomorrow for a run. Well, that’s the plan. I have attempted the run today, but felt a bit of a cold coming on so had breakfast in bed and sacked it off. But tomorrow will be better. I will run. Like the wind, I will run.

How else will this weekend pan out? Oh heaven knows, I live such a wild life. Maybe a bit of designer outlet shopping tomorrow. A trip to Las Iguanas tomorrow Dempseys action is not planned, but may occur. I doubt it will be very busy mind, with Manchester Pride going on. Some people insist on being as proud as can be, and head there religiously. Maybe I’m lame and dull, but it’s Catherine’s wedding next week, and want to ensure maximum freshness ready to dance the night away.

Right, I’m off to sauté onions and start our dinner of lasagne so we can head to the cinema with sustenance ready for us on return. Will report on how the Cap’n performs.

Blog later folks. X

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