Post wedding blues.

I’m so very sad everyone. The bridal blush that I was basking in has faded, as Catherine has jogged on to NYC with her husband and my suit is being steam cleaned in Moss Bros HQ . Oh had sad I am.

So let’s set the scene. One man, four bridesmaids, one bride, a casual evening of nails, nibbles, prosecco and bridal related films. It was calm, uneventful and mildly pensive, knowing the next day would be manic. Indeed the big day was a stress. You never know how stressful it can be. Hair and make up was not something I was to know but my word, it was something I felt. One woman turned up, with a story if a second woman crying off due to some car accident or something or other. Now. I left this in the hands of those who knew, I wish I had been more overbearing and had insisted she pulled out the stops to drag another ass round. It grew mad. We had a relaxed hour whilst hair was pinned and at chewed. But then time drew on. We grew closer to our 12.30pm deadline. 12.30pm deadline came, some hair was undone. No make up was applied. It was madness.

I was dressed. I had shaved, styled, splashed on the aftershave, and was ready. Solo. Mother of the bride dressed. Father of the bride was delayed then arrived, only to rebel against the styling of the cravat that Abbie had helped me fashion, The poor photographer had to take enduring photos of the flowers before he got any bridal shots.

Outside was the cars waiting, inside the bridesmaids were still in t shirts and jogging bottoms and awaiting their make up being applied. Inside i was also fielding phone calls about food deliveries to the reception, being shouted at by Aunties i didn’t know!

By around 1.30pm, before a 2pm kick off, we still had two undressed bridesmaids. I was sent away in the car with two completed bridesmaids to await the remainder of the bridesmaids. Now comes the ceremony. Gorgeous. My one time down an aisle. Loved it. Now, Catholic masses do go on a bit. We didn’t really know any of the songs, and it was long. And I was peckish. Not so peckish to be tempted to rob any communion wafers.

We headed to the reception. Which was lovely. Pimms, more photos, and a three course dinner.

Soup, roast beef followed by a berry meringue. Lovely. The speeches were next. Catherine’s dad got up, visibly nervous, but he delivered a great speech. He touched on the fact that Catherine’s aunt and step mum couldn’t be there, and we all became visibly emotional. That was until the groom’s grandma nodded off. And snored. Aloud. For me, it took the edge right off my sadness at that moment.

The disco started about 9ish. As did the next onslaught of food. African food, such as fish and rice, with banana bread and puddings. And wedding cake.

And a tropical representation in fruits.

But mainly we danced.

And danced.

And danced some more.

Fabulous time. Fabulous couple. Fabulous full stop.

And since then? Sad. It’s like post summer blues.

Currently my spirits are being lifted by Emilia Fox’s Who Do You Think You Are. She has the most fabulous great Aunts Mary and Pam. Deaf-blind Mary is still sharp as a knife at 104. Her one liners are legendary. Who else still interjects like Nelly Boswell “the bugger ran off with an American tart” when her father discussed. And her delivery of “silly bugger” was amazing. Truly the start of the great Fox acting dynasty if I ever saw it.

I am sat here rather contented after a great dinner. I tried Tilapia for the first time. Baked with chopped coriander and lemon, served with a baked sweet potato. Followed by frozen yogurt. Fabulous. I had ran during my dinner from work which means tonight is guilt free.

Since writing the penultimate paragraph it said Aunt Pam died, which was really very sad. She was so sparky. And well, and animated. Although in a way, go out with a spark, a flame, rather than weak and long winded. And what a wonderful tribute, to have been documented celebrating her families life with such passion.

Right, so I’m finishing my reflective slightly blue post even bluer on that note. But congratulations BBC on the best Who Do You Think You Are yet this series.

And big congratulations and thanks to Mr and Mrs Matturi, currently off in the states having their well earned honeymoon. Have a fabulous time, both of you.

And if anyone wants to share some light, please do so.

Until then, I have the Great British Bake Off. I have so many favourites. I love Jason, so sweet. I hate him for being so talented at 19, but he is truly ace. And I love Jo. She so wants to do well, and she is so sweet I just want to drink fizz and eat cakes with her. And I think the best company would be a wine fuelled lunch with Janet and Mary-Ann. Those two ladies are hilarious. If Cosmopolitan were to do a quiz of “who are you from the Bake Off” I’m certainly not Holly. I’m so not perfect enough. I’m not Jason, I’m not gifted enough. I’m not Rob, I’m not trendy enough. I’m not Ben, I’m not so artistic, I’m not sure I’m Mary-Ann, as she is quite accomplished. I think I’m Janet, I’d have moments of great disaster. My monologues to camera would be full of hope and prayer like hers. She is so likeable, it’s great. She is one of my favourites, truly.

But I would put my money on Jason. He is so gifted, and unflappable which serves him well. Or Holly. But she is so focused, it doesn’t make a classic reality tv contestant. No one wants a sensible winner, you want the colourful character. So I’m team J- go Jason/Janet/Jo!!!!!

Right, bed time for Adam. Body pump in the morning.

Blog later folks. And feel free to comment below any words of hope as Autumn seeps in, I need some happiness. X

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  1. wow, you really scrub up very well.
    gbbo- jason to win! i love how he says “oh my gosh”. holly is just a little bit too perfect, i her bathroom towels are all neatly folded AND colour coded.


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