Adventures in pastry.

Quick tea I thought. A quick rough puff or flaky pastry, have a go I said.

Who knew there was no such thing. A lawyer who doesn’t read on. Moron. I read steps I to 4. Dont read that it involves repetition of said stages 3 times and a thirty minute chilling of the pastry to ensure it can be rolled out for putting over the filling.

The filling was the leftover brisket with sautéed chanteney carrots and mushrooms. Gorgeous.

Here Is the flakiness of the gorgeous sheet of loveliness.

Have tonight had the remnants of the banana cream pie. I took it out the tin too soon. It needed to cool right down. Look at the beaut the next day.


Watching a moment of Hairy Bikers. Never seen it before for more than a couple of minutes. Seem really nice actually. Talkin about their upbringings. Fairly moving stuff. Any how, just a short update for tonight. Tired boy here. Gonna head to bed in a minute, long assed day at work.

If you too want to share in my flaky pastry success, I’ll add it to my blog tomorrow. It is a find that deserves to be shared!!!

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