Blue about Basu

Hello world.

You join me at a dark point. A key point some could say, where my journey forward is uncertain. The worst news has been announced. Yes that’s right, Janet was voted off The Great British Bake Off.

Her mousse cake a triumph, her iced fingers let her down. And ultimately, she didn’t do a dainty pastry. That was her downfall. What was lovely is that she was told she was going and took the moment to thank everyone and say how much she has enjoyed everything. The dignity in that was so lovely, and she further endeared herself to all us founding members of team Janet. It’s brilliant really, as now the final comes I think that wonderful thing about Reality TV has happened, the ultimate winner will have her glory but the star of the show was someone else. It was the mother hen, the family cook, the woman who had disregard for baking science as she has had to make do over the years baking on foreign soil. I love you, Janet!!

What made her exit so moving was her grace. One has to contrast that with what also happened yesterday, which was what I’ll call Hollygate. There was some musing on Twitter yesterday over a quote that said “we’re being very British and wishing each other well, when we really want someone else to leave”, which pissed some of the finalists off. The quote was mild compared to the actual quote which ended in “we are actually thinking die one of you, die”. In my book, you say something in your head, or flippantly to nearest and dearest, but it is ultimately British, and wise, to not wish death upon people when you are competing in a baking competition. This is not a fight to the finish. The question should also be raised what is the prize? A trophy? Notoriety? Perhaps you should be the likeable, gracious winner, rather than the uber competitive one. You contrast Janet’s self deprecating nature and her grace in defeat with the woman who wished death on her competitors, and let’s just say it’s a stark contrast. And I know who I warmed to more, and whose presence I would like to see again on my TV screens, if indeed that is the dream in their heads. It must be the dream of a bakery, a cook book, a baking slot on This Morning, a regular show about baking that they dream of. To do that, make yourself universally warm. Holly my love, I’m not sure your comment did you any favours. Even in jest, there was something jarring about it.

Now I have nothing against Holly, I was just reflective as I was sad about Janet. But my allegiance for final glory stays with West Midlands brethren Mary-Anne. Go team Mary-Anne!!! With your 700 cook books!! I have over 100, so I can completely understand where she is coming from, I’d rather 2 new books Than something crap and viscose from H and M these days. Plus I go out about 4 times a year now so there is zero point.

Elsewhere in my life? Networking event on Thursday. I regret starting this networking group. I’m less sociable these days, I don’t want to talk to new people. But I’m being grumpy, should be nice for an hour or two. I’m sure I’ll talk a lot about cake. I also have to bake for the Macmillian Coffee Morning Friday, a few dozen cupcakes probably. Do my bit for charidee…..

Otherwise, must get on for work. I leave you with the below image.

How very awesome whoever did this.

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