Early night for a ridiculously early morning

Annoyingly, this career of mine is constantly dictating that I attend training courses here there and everywhere. Every so often, I’m forced to haul myself off to London or Manchester to spend a day in a room talking about the profession in such a way that does not come naturally to me. I’m afraid I don’t particularly enjoy waxing lyrically about the work.

I have been at work all day for the last two days after a weekend that seemed quite long. The reason it seemed so long I think was the long boozy night Friday. By the time the hangover abated, I felt like I’d been given a new lease of life. Three jars of jam, two loaves, a roast dinner and moules mariniere were made as I celebrated my return to the human race.

So Monday came around, and I had to tackle my return to the office. As ever, blues set in. I took a lot of the cupcakes into work to help ease the pressure on Pete and I to consume 9000 calories a day. Alas, by 9.30, cake number one had disappeared down my gullet. By end of play, in had refrained from any further consumption, save eating about a third of David’s third cake of the day.

Today I had found myself in court for a day when it should never have been an entire day. I also found myself out at a meeting being driven insane. However following this, I’m now out of the office until Thursday as I’m on a 7.18 train to Birmingham in order to attend a training course, before heading home after 6pm. It’s such a long day. And I fear I won’t get any time to look in Selfridges. Or House of Fraser. And I love me some Birmingham shopping.

Ah well. Yesterday I made Holly from the Bake Off’s Potato and Three Cheese Pie. delicious. So much tho for our little family of 2. On the plus side it means I can enjoy a quick tea tomorrow on my return. Woo hoo!!

In other news, I like to listen to the radio rather than watch tv in the evenings now. Quite a dull fact, but I do. Pete thinks I’m neglecting him by sitting in my arm chair in the dining room listening to folk music or radio 2. I just like the tranquility of it all. Just me and my head. That’s all.

Anyway, hope this finds you all well.

Blog later folks x

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  1. long day?!! that's not even a 12hr shift! i share your love of radio, though i'm more of a radio4 fan-expect when huey had a show. i wish there was a sky+ device for radio


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