Weekend in a weekend

This weekend was one of stark contrast. Picture a Friday night of awards ceremony hosting, with live music celebrating the city’s vibrant LGBT community. Yes that was us. Harry and I hosting an awards bash applauding the great and good of steel city LGBT community organisations. Go Sheffield!! It is amazing how nerve wracking it is to speak in front of a room full of people. I always feel like a tongue tied idiot, especially as I’d ha a day from hell and my Brain was fried.

But it was great. Moving actually to see how much good is achieved, how many friendships forged and how much positivity we get from people for the work done and for just a smackeral of recognition. It may be a case of physician heal thyself by us awarding it out amongst the Community but hey, nepotism is a fact of life.

Saturday we saw the movie Weekend. Honestly, go and see it. It was so moving. I think it’s one of the most honest and relatable gay themed films I have ever seen. Ok the guys are younger than I but I’m only 31. I can recall 25 very well dear hearts. And the whole feeling of being in transition, being between worlds, the lack of confidence within your sexuality. I was there for a long time. I loved it. Everyone should see it if it’s playing. It was a simple movie but it’s still resonating within me now. And I’m now in love with Tom Cullen. He’s a fox.

Sunday was baking day. In no particular order I made my first new sourdough (needs another week) chocolate chip cookies and Frangipane mince pies. These are the king of mince pies. I love pastry. I love almonds. I love mincemeat. What’s not to love? I ground my own almonds. Look at me, I’m Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I’ll be grinding my own flour next. (Trust me I won’t be).

Work is a killer. I need my weekends to soothe me. I further soothed my soul by calling radio 2 to dedicate a song in the Children in need music marathon. A sum to charity in return for a Dusty Springfield Classic. They threatened to not play it due to demand. But fate knew I needed the boost. And who better to read out my dedication to my mother but Judy Finnegan. Of Richard and Judy fame. All those hours on the phone at my parents expense trying to get through to Midday money or You Say We Pay, and there she was, saying my name. Loved it!!

Righty ho, bed time. It is 10.15pm. It’s later than I can muster. I’m off to meet Kate and Jane Thursday for Nandos and Judy Garland. Or as us gays call it, just Thursday. Will report back on what it’s like to be a stereotype.

Blog later sisters. X

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