Starting the day with the scent of decay…..

Alas, it was a minor tragedy that best the Millward-Toomey household on Thursday morning. Actually, I need to take you back to Sunday, when I last visited that very northern place- the Cellar head. I made a dinner of prawn and pea risotto, so had to get some petit-poi to add to the dish. So far solo lovely.
I then began a few days of no freezer attendance. Our dinners were impromptu Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I made a left over roast dinner into a mexican feast with a chicken and potato tacos dinner Monday, a chorizo pasta on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a Turkey breast balti. So I did it off the hoof with no stop over at my frozen food heaven.
In there I had so many majestically inviting things. A large cod fillet, a smoked haddock, a side of salmon for a seasonal gradvalax, a lot of chicken thighs, a million frozen egg whites, three Fougasse, a whole cow’s worth of mince, some diced lamb shoulder for a tagine, a lot of frozen fresh squid, frozen fresh cranberries, Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt….. So much fantastic stuff. Frozen herbs as well which I use everyday. It was stocked full of the stuff of food creation heaven.
I returned from the gym on Wednesday and smelt something fishy. I assumed it was my sweaty gym kit, which was under my nose in my bag. I quickly emptied it into the washing machine. “Dirty boy, Adam” I chastised myself for being so sweaty! Alas no. On Thursday morning I smelt it again. I went to the freezer as I was curious. A gush of water flooded at my feet. It was on but not freezing. The door was shut. In a word, it was buggered.
Im not a desperately sentimental person but i mourned those things I threw away I was most excited about cooking with. Most significantly my cocktail sausages, a soy and honey glaze I was going to concoct to immerse them in. Must replace them, pronto!
Fortunately for Pete and I, we had some vouchers for Currys so we headed there today to get a new Freezer. It was be much better actually, as it is a more useful capacity and a four drawer rather than 3 drawer model. And whilst there we were there we got a Dyson. It’s like a transformer.
I’m settled now in front of Nigella Kitchen whilst I calm myself. I’m a bit frazzled as I was kept awake by the girl next door bringing a boy home at 4.30am, chatting, having sex then arguing until she booted him out. It was hellish. I shifted bedrooms but to no avail. I am mildly brain dead as a result. But must bake something. Hmm. What to do.
I’m feeling a bit seasonal. Maybe some gingerbread. Or gingerbread men. Or Christmas cookies. What I really want to make is a salted butter pie. Oh, go on then. Why the devil not! I’ll blog my process in due course!

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  1. Ah worry not, we don't have horribly thoughtless friends or family. It was reimbursement because they couldn't fix our washing machine, but I had a spare in the Celler. Wouldn't that be the most awful Christmas gift, Currys vouchers?!


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