Adams week off- in pictures

I have indeed had a week off.

Alas faithful readers I let you down. All this time off and no blog post. I hang my head in shame. In my defence, I have taken up the hobby of icing biscuits.

From making the dough, chilling it, cutting them out, even making makeshift cutters, baking them then making royal icing to ice them, it’s a task and a half.

My favourite?


I went to Bicester Village outlet. Can I paint a picture of Cath Kidston…. Imagine a bar room brawl in an old western. Make the men middle aged. Make them middle class. Let the fight not be over women or money but a chintz bed linen set in super king size, you get the idea. Lord have mercy it was carnage. Ugg was similarly horrendous. We arrived at 10am, left after 6pm. I got two holiday treats

My new apron.


Christmas Emma Bridgewater mug.

I also whipped out my new Nordic Ware cake pan I bought 8 months ago for Christmas, which I used yesterday.

I used a Nigella Lawson recipe from the Christmas book, and couldn’t help but tweet her my results. And guess what? Oh heck I’ll just show you…

An actual tweet from Nigella!! From her actual iPhone! A shared moment.

I bought new brogues as well.

And appear to have mastered uniform looking mince pies.

And I think that’s about it. I still feel I have no Christmas gifts arranged, or preparations made. But that’s totally sortable. The most important thing is my Christmas party outfit is assembled. Surely we all agree the rest is small fry.

Let me leave you with this teaser. My outfit is Mad Men inspired. And involves a bow tie.

Now leave me. I have a new Ina book beside me and I have neglected her of late.

I’m coming lover. Roll over Jeffrey.

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