Poor neglected blog

I deserve to be ostracised from the blogging community. As it happens I have been amazingly busy. I have been doubling as solicitor by day, wet nurse by night.

Pete remains a poorly lamb, so I have been tending to him. Not very well I don’t think. It turns out he needs a rather plain diet. I have been rather struggling with that. Who knew that home made tikka masala made with double cream is not plain? Who knew that pasta in a cream and wine sauce is too complex for a delicate belly. And i thought a Parmesan risotto was like the adult equivalent of a dry Farleys Rusk.

Foolish boy. I have been part of the problem, now I’m firmly on team solution. Scouts honour.

I have also been to see Kylie Minogue on her Anti Tour. Now I assumed it would be a bit gay. And I also assumed it would appeal to the over 30’s. It was like a 2001 reunion. Take everyone who I would have been in a gay club with when I was 21 and stuff them into the Manchester Academy. I felt like a youngster in a crowd full of people whose contemporary music knowledge ceased in 2007 but for the further album releases of the artist formerly known as Charlene Robinson nee Mitchell.

She was amazing. The crowd lapped it up. And the emotion in the air when she sang Tears on my Pillow was intense. It’s like a gay equivalent of Live Forever or Common People or whatever is considered an anthem these days. I’m sure it will be by David Guetta or someone these days.

Anyhoo, my gay networking group has had a boost by some really lovely guys and gals who have come to save me from a world of planning solo. We met up rather dryly at first in a cafe Nero but realised that such exchanges need wine. We went to All Bar One next time. It was so nice to meet some sane sensible people who don’t always want to be sensible. We have bonded over some similar outlooks, odd encounters and a lot of wine.

Work has been manic. Days have been long of late. We have a new bed at home, which is taking some adapting to, I have been better rested.

I have taken to lying on the bed when I get in with some Celine Dion. I bought her greatest hits on a drunken whim the other day. I also bought the essential Barbra Streisand. I’m even gayer when intoxicated.

Right, that’s you up to speed.

Here is Pete, MC and Amy with the Babycham deer.

Here is me in a bobble hat with Holly, my mums dog. She was getting a bit familiar.

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