The day the dream came true

I’m on my knees folks. I’m a terrible man. I’m just so selfish. My life takes over and I neglect you all.

I wish I could tell you all some hilarious bits and pieces. What has happened? Well, it’s been two months and I can barely remember what’s gone down. I went to Kylie last time you heard from me. What have I done since?

I did an almost impromptu half marathon. I did one long run before and then had to do it. M-C couldn’t so I took her spot. On the hottest day of 2012. When it was 24 degrees at 9.20. Scorchio. Loved it. It turns out hot days are great for crowds. And I was like a fool high fiving all the kids on the roadside! It is a brilliant part of any race day.

I tried on a t shirt in All Saints. Already a celestial named store. And look at what happened?

I have a halo! Amazing!

As for my LGBT networking group, been going great guns. Sheffield Pride was a brilliant success, our stall looked ace. Shame it was a washout but what can you do. We also took part in a photo shoot courtesy of Pete, which was a funny old thing but quite fun. If the day taught us nothing it was that The Forum on Devonshire Green cannot present Houmous.

Poor old Chris’s meal looked like a plastic sick from a joke shop.

Here is Chris displaying how it should be done courtesy of Lokanta.

What else? I have discovered two ideal bed fellows- the gorgeousness of coronation chicken with Avocado. On toast. Trust me folks. It’s a revelation!

Anne came for the Jubillee break. We had an amazing time. We did everything we love to do across several days.

Day one- eat. In time honoured tradition, I cured a salmon.

Day two- Chatsworth

Anne befriended a shore horse called Henry. She was totally comfy in his presence. Honest.

We saw piglets.

We saw a baby punk pony called Sammy

Anne and Pete ate a pasty

We had a little walk

Day 3- York.
We drank wine, tried on posh clothes and had a few g and t’s. Loved it.

Day 4- Cheshire Oaks
Like two money-drunk people Anne and I blitzed the stores like we had never shopped before. I bought Christmas gifts, green chinos (amaze), a diesel t shirt, a present for Pete (his affection can be bought!) and some baby shower gifts for Catherine’s little one! She loved them btw, delivered on Saturday at her shower. As lovely as it was, I think both Catherine were exhausted!!

Baking wise?

I’m quiche king. Basil, green beans and cherry tomatoes is a great combo.

Coffee and Walnut Cake? Still my jam.
Nigella, I bow to your greatness.

I cannot wait till Nigellissima comes out this September.

Red Velvet is still a fave. Here is the one I made for Sam’s birthday tea.

Along with some Gluten Free lemon cupcakes from Pete’s brief coeliac period. Don’t ask! I’ve never been so glad to buy Plain Flour as when Pete decreed he was no longer wheat free. I danced, I cried, I binged on toasted tea cakes.

So the big news? The biggest news? Look what I got today!

I received a message from my friends that there was a red KitchenAid forma bargain price. An unwanted gift. Going for a song in Debenhams. Well, what’s a baker to do. I love the Kenwood Chef, bought with love by Pete. Loved by me. But KitchenAid is so gorgeous. And it was a steal. So here it is. In my home. Love you Cranberry KitchenAid. I do.

Right folks, I’m cooking toad in the hole. Last supper before I go to Center Parcs. Cannot wait. Spa, cycling, swimming, pony trekking. Will be wild.

Blog later folks. Not so later this time eh, Adam. Mental note.
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