My desk

Currently I am snoozing my way into Friday, rather than easing my way, having got up before 6 as I was so worried about the formerly pukey and poorly Daphne ( who is now the excitable and biting little bugger Daphne ) to lie in till the late hour of 6.30am.

Fortunately Amy baked.

Try to spot my tiny piece of cake (Anne Thornton on Dessert First would call this a crumb rather than a “real piece”, but this would explain her voluptuous stature) amongst my other crap.

If you are at work, let’s play a game of spot the desk crap. Try and locate:

*Piggy Bank
*Nigella shopping list mouse mat
*Emergency lunch soup
*Fox design work pass
*Ewelina’s pagination pen I stole ages ago
*Poppy that I never threw away
*Emergency strepsils
*Tabasco sauce

Hope this passes 5 minutes for you all.

Weekend baking will be entered into. I’m considering a malteasers cake I spied in Feast the other day. Fajitas tonight I think. Have avocados which are scarily overripe, they are threatening to ooze out the fridge. Being a typical black country boy, I don’t waste food. For goodness sake, I was raised on black pudding, such was our thriftiness. I try to imagine the day the person invented black pudding. I assume he too was from Dudley, or surrounding area, and was perhaps an earlier incarnation of my hoarder grandad. “Dont pour out that pig blood, it’s bloody lovely stuff. Let’s put it in a sausage.”

Anyway, enough contemplation. More tea and off to a meeting I go.

Blog later folks!

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