The trouble with men

Am I alone here, dear readers, in finding Saturday Kitchen these days a bit like the 6th form Common Room.

In this, I mean it evokes that memory of having an hour between classes, being driving license-less so you can’t bugger off of to Asda or wherever, it’s too short a time to walk into town do anything and then come back, so you sit mate-less as you are the only one with the break. You sit for an hour and listen to a lot of people chatting what sounds to you to be inane nonsense. Boys often talk about nothing. They call it Banter. As if banter is a “thing”. It’s just endless insults and mocking and teasing of one another. I used to sit and listen and wonder “what on earth makes you friends, you say bugger all nice to one another.”

Now I am a man. Im under no disillusion. Don’t call me “sister” or “girl” or anything like this. I’m probably quite sensitive, but I don’t want my friends to spend all their time playing on my insecurities. I like my friends to have my back. I think my friends know this by now. I’m quite a generous person, but I like a bit of niceness in return!!

Saturday Kitchen seems quite masculine these days. I never see Ching, or Allegra or Sylvana anymore. The occasional Angela Hartnett. I think this is a bit of a problem. It’s James being all pally pally with the male chefs and talking a lot of in jokes. Some people like this but I feel I miss the food. It’s like the common room. I can hear all the boisterous “banter”, but all I hear is Blah Blah Blah. It’s a tad, I don’t know, subjective. I don’t feel it’s someone talking to help me learn, understand or develop. It’s as if I’m looking through a window at a world I neither understand nor give a shit about.

I have been watching Saturday Cookbook on ITV. I was sceptical but I like it. The mix of Mark Sergeant and Nadia Sawalha makes it a bit more balanced. It’s also a bit less boys club, a bit more sociable kitchen.

Talking about not giving a shit, I’m off to see Prometheus today. Pete’s choice. I don’t really do Sci-Fi. Aliens are a bit like Dragons to me. I gave up being bothered when I had my fixed brace removed.

In Daphne news, she’s still adorable.

I’ll leave you there. Blog laters folks!!

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