Resistance isn’t always futile

I’m itching to bake. I have loads of Oreo cookies I am dying to turn to rubble and bake into some brownies. I have some Marshmallow fluff and milk chocolate to ripple through the brownies, for maximum creamy and chocolatey hit. It’s 9pm, and I’ve been dying to bake all day. I’m trying to watch True Grit, and it’s like Jeff Bridges is saying “rhubarb rhubard young un, Chaney Lucky Ned, rhubarb, go bake brownies Adam, you don’t really know what’s going on in this darn film anyway”.

I was awoken today not by slumbers end, an alarm clock, a barking dog announcing her hunger and woken state. But by a high pitched pipping noise. Again and again. I thought myself a lazy tinnitus sufferer. I thought myself asleep. But then I jumped out of bed and disconnected the smoke alarm. Pip. Bugger.

I had no clue. I had to wake Pete, who was ear plugged up and wrapped up in duvet, even around his head. He launched out of bed and disconnected an alarm I didn’t know we had, for carbon monoxide. He went back to bed, but I was up. As was Daphne. My little girl and I had an hour snuggled on the soda watching Nigella Express and DC Cupcakes.

How tired?!?!

I set off to work. I packed my gym kit, but as I turned up I noted I had no trainers. Useless idiot.

I’m exhausted right now. I’m due some daft baking mishaps as a result. I made meatloaf on a baking sheet tonight. My oven has needed a clean as some fat ran off the sides, unsurprisingly. I know I’d only regret it. But I just want to bake…

Good news. Everyone’s favourite Kidderminster-based Barmy Baker, and author of the hilarious blog Time to Cook e mailed to say I’m one of the lucky prize winners in her blog’s anniversary!! Whoop whoop!!! Can’t wait to find out which goodie I won. If you don’t frequent her site, you must. Known for her Bake Off heritage, don’t judge this as another generic baking blog, as her blog has one of the strongest “voices” i have found online. I don’t wish to sound cruel, but I read so many blogs where the author has so little to say. “I went to work, I wore a top, here is Delia’s recipe for corned beef hash”. Hardly Pulitzer winning material. And not enough to draw me back.

Anyhoo, been up 17 hours, Jeff Bridges has just shot a horse. The young girl has been bitten by a snake. Now she has no arm I understand. I’m a tad lost. And far too tired.

Well, I’m doing better at keeping in touch with you all. Hope life is treating you all well. I have work again in the morning. More talk of troubles, strife, the Kardashian’s, Guiliana Rancic and toast. Usually, anyway. Friday off, Spider-Man calls. I must answer.

Speak to you all this side of the weekend. Blog later folks x

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