You know, the finer things in life…..

I quote the seminal piece of music, The Thong Song, as I sit with Dead Calm coming on the television. Such early Nicole Kidman films, with Sam Neill in his young days, shows you how much plastic surgery she has had, I’m sorry but she must have done. I am a fan, The Others is a brilliant film. But when you see her as a young woman in 1989, some 23 years ago, and she looks about 12 years younger than she does now, then I must insist that we account for that missing 11 years.

I find it interesting to consider this rather vain glorious obsession with youth, I’ve been feeling rather ancient of late. I an quite comfortable in my ageing in many ways. I will never be more grateful than for the perspective it has given me over the human condition and the need to rise above their slings and arrows. People are the oddest thing about life and living. I was thinking about things whilst watching Dallas, a programme built a premise that people end up hell bent on rivalry and prominence. Now I’m a man who does not aspire to shine like a beacon, glancing down on my shadowy rivals. I aspire to shine my own light content that others will seek to do the same, and I will welcome it.

It may seem odd for a lawyer to be oddly non-combatant but it just feels unnecessary for me to want to ascend at someone else’s detriment. I suppose that’s why I like the Great British Bake Off. It’s a subjectively judged show where everyone has the same chance to shine. It’s not a game where tactics, tabloids or titillation can have the casting votes. And it’s edited to show the most amusing of escapades but also the best of people.

The reality of life is not everyone can get along. Not everyone will be a best friend, you aren’t always destined to gel with everyone; but no one is all good or all bad. It’s nice to remember this and to keep an open mind, as life is too short to vilify or be so embittered. But when others are less kind, and aren’t exactly warm to you, age gives you the perspective to look past this, and realise this void is not you losing out on one of life’s pleasures, but that this is something easily overcome.

I should not be contemplating such things on fun night. It’s Friday and I am watching a young Nicole Kidman battling a psycho Billy Zane. What could be better? 3 day weekend for me, booked Monday off for an extra days baking and basking in some much needed September sun. I’m still bloody knackered having been the only consistent worker at my office for July and August. I know these Olympians are getting stands named after them in football grounds, postage stamps, streets named after them, schools, what about people who cover for those with school aged children for 6 weeks or more?!?! I don’t even get a cupcake in recognition.

I am so excited as tomorrow I’m off to Bakewell for a day in pensioners heaven. It’s going to be great. It’s also the spiritual home of the West Highland White Terrier, aka a cute dog with little legs that the over 70’s can handle. Daphne is increasingly gorgeous. She is a trying puppy, especially if one loves their insoles, shoelaces and anything paper, but she is loving, loyal and so darn cute. I love weekends with my little pooch! And Pete of course. It’s been over 5 years since Pete and I first met. Never dull, rarely easy, it’s amazing to have come this far. I’m so grown up.

I crave youthful skin. I crave the ability to escape unscathed the perils of alcohol. I crave the ability to eat nothing but shite and never gain weight. But the nonsense of youth? Of being a young guy who thinks the world is ending whenever there is a fall out with friends, of being unconfident when I should have been on top of the world. It was a time wasted on the young, but fabulous nonetheless. Nevermind. But I am happy in my older bloke bubble.

Went to Tamper Coffee in Sheffield last night. A kiwi run coffee bar which I decree has the best Flat White I ever drank. It’s quaint, individual, knowledgable and fantastic. To me there was no evening more civilised- quality coffee with my mate Marianne, discussing everything and nothing on a school night over a beverage that was not destined to leave us sore headed or regretful the next morning. Alas just probably going for a 4am wee as we aren’t 21 anymore.

Baking weekend shall commence. Pie I think this weekend. Cheesy pie I fancy. And cake wise I’m still undecided. And biscuit wise I think the only thing for it is some cut out cookies. I need to make my 3d animal cookies. I’m desperate to use the cutter.

Right ladies and gents, brief blog post! Off to watch Nicole doing her best tormented impression. i’ll blog the other side of fun fest!!

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