Quick photo blog

I thought I would kill time on my lazy free bus journey to the gym (achey post Birmingham half legs y’see) with a quick update.

After a second weekend down my mum’s, the dog remains broody for Holly’s company. She hates being a solo pup. Makes me feel like a horrible dad.

Bicester shopping was a great success.

Choice of two doggy jumpers.

Got neither. Secret third option. You wait till you see the darling in it. She will look amazing.

TK has more random crap in it.

What is this?!?!

And this? A Crocs pet bed anyone? For tasteless pets of tasteless people.

And if you like a clasp purse, why not demonstrate it in blown glass form? Because its minging that’s why.

But i do enjoy a statue of the worlds campest stag.

And I covet the statue known as “bird, flowers and shit”. Totes gorgeous.

Right that’s all my random bits for now. Gym beckons. Blog laters!!!

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