The one where I reveal my reasons for absence

I know, I know. My intention to blog more went out the window. I’m afraid that at times I feel like doing it, then a million and one things get in my way. Ok sometimes it’s just that the iPad is on the side table and daphne is asleep on my lap and I can’t face unsettling her. But recently its been a case of making a million and one expensive decision.

Big news folks. I bought a house. An actual semi-detached pile of bricks. And it feels fated. It’s on the road I was buying one on last year when it all fell through. It has a south facing gorgeous garden.

And the lady who lived there before was a baker. And as she’s passed away I’ve inherited her amazing collection. Including the entire collection of Fanny and Johnny Craddock’s Cookery Programme.

It’s amazing. She also had books like Delia’s book of Cakes ( not all cakes which is odd but ok), Make a Meal of Cheese and Michael Smith Entertains- The best of Pebble-Mill-At-One. It’s a remarkable culinary inheritance.

We’ve got a long way to go. We have to have a wall knocked out, a full rewire, a new boiler and then the “fun” starts. New bathroom and new kitchen, decorate throughout, new flooring etc. It’ll be a long process that we hope ends before Christmas. I loves me some Christmas.

It’s bloody hard work. You know when you watch Grand Designs and you think to yourself “bloody hell its been 8 months since Kevin was last there, what the hell have you been doing?”, for the next few months I won’t be doing that. Next year I’ll be doing it again I’m sure. Some of them are bone idle.

In other news I saw some more random shite in Home Sense. The one in the middle is particularly terrifying.

I know this hasn’t been very witty. Stay with me. It’ll get funnier I’m sure. I’m just relieved I can announce this to you!

In other news, best Bake Off yet I would say. Well, maybe on a par with series 2!!!

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