Brief Friday Night Post- bought to you by Shiraz

I’m on my own. Pete has gone out to a woman from work’s leaving do. I’m sat on the sofa, being ignored by Daphne who is pissed at me as I have deigned to state that she will not be going out as it is chucking it down and I’m sick of rubbing her down when she comes in wet. It’s not that I’m so very lazy I can’t be arsed, it’s that if I do start drying her she groans loudly and chews my hand rather aggressively. I fear I will end up with one hand resembling Jeremy Beadle’s hand soon if the April showers don’t abate.

I’m watching Julie and Julia and of course got blog guilt. Don’t know why, I constantly stare at the ironing that isn’t done but I don’t immediately attend to that bad boy. So whilst I don’t feel I can plough on and write my post about the Soho disappointment of Easter Sunday, I thought I would share one of the most fun moments of the weekend.

Can I share with you the comedy that is this photo.

Now, when you wear your faux fur leopard print converse, you don’t expect to see a random woman directly in front of you wearing them. Girl got taste.

Very tired. I have been at work 2 days and I’m emotionally wrung out. Long story. I have been in a terrible mood today, foul one could say. No idea why, was quite chipper when I got up. I must admit I had a bloody awful night sleep as the dog began barking, insisted she slept on our bed. On the duvet. Between my legs in fact. It was so bloody uncomfortable. I’m going to lie in tomorrow.

One thing that I’m saddened by is the lack of a Le Pain Quotidian in this northern backwater. Look at this glorious loaf we had in London. 

Although we do have the impressively moustachioed man from Seven Hills Bakery who sold me this beauty today.

All will be well with fresh bread sliced into toast first thing. I must admit wine has calmed my inner turmoil. Although it’s still in here, just shut up a bit.

Right, off to concentrate on Julie and Julia. Love this film. It’s Julie’s 30th birthday and she is putting on the pearls. Do you remember when 30 was years away and we all thought it so grown up and a million miles away from where we are now. Well here I am, it’s 9:39pm and I think I may retire to watch the rest of this film in bed as I’m bloody knackered! Oh to not be grown up. This is just shocking!!!

Right ladies and gents. I am off now. Here I am in all my tired glory!!


Blog soon kids! X

– Fuelled by Waitrose, inspired by Ina, Team Nigella since she deep fried a Bounty

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