The End is Nigh…….

I'm reflecting on the last few months of disruption and chaos. Before me is a coffee table, which currently houses a frying pan, two tins of dog food, the vodka I'm infusing with blackcurrants, a bottle of chilli sauce, three glasses, my plates and mugs, my zester, the fruit bowl and assorted cutlery. To the... Continue Reading →

Where Adam Rants About Food Shame

This week on my dearly beloved BBC Breakfast we faced the welcome return of Richard Westcott, now the Transport Correspondent, who was in Greenwich demonstrating the first vehicles being piloted as driverless, computer driven vehicles. Sensory devices detect obstacles and steer away or brake to avoid them. All wonderful, all progress. I mean, its ripe... Continue Reading →

Let there be light

I'm very excited to announce that this week we have begun to see a teeny bit of daylight post 5pm. That's right, daylight after 5pm. Let's forget about the halcyon days back in the summer where I would sit in the garden till after 10pm listening to Sara Cox and Sounds of the 80's on... Continue Reading →

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Yes thats correct in the Adam's Blogging Awards Im giving myself the title of worst ever blogger. A good blogger is someone who actually posts. I gave myself the goal of something like 500 words a week. Im not posting it am I. I need to do better, so Im working on some features. You... Continue Reading →

Step back in thyme

You know Twitter? Well it gets on my tits sometimes. My approach to Twitter more to the point. I fill it full of people I loathe. The inarticulate, the mundane, the downright irritating. Of course interspersed with some wonderful tweeters of course. But it's like a compulsion to me to follow people in spite of... Continue Reading →

Blogging, Baking, Berlin and Blisters

Im going rogue writing this post, as I am using blogging as a new stress reliever. Whilst I usually read some overly wordy descriptions of a Kardashian leaving SoulCycle on Daily Mail, or read their latest diss post regarding Justin Bieber (honestly, I know the kid isnt likeable, but give that level of fame to... Continue Reading →

A tale of bananas and bossy mothers

Hello dearest hearts, it's a poor show i know but here is the second post for 2012. I'm afraid I'm going into some winter nesting mode, which I'm aware should lead to me spending many an hour leaning over an iPad drafting some witticisms for your delectation. But I haven't. I have spent it tidying... Continue Reading →

Adams week off- in pictures

I have indeed had a week off.Alas faithful readers I let you down. All this time off and no blog post. I hang my head in shame. In my defence, I have taken up the hobby of icing biscuits.From making the dough, chilling it, cutting them out, even making makeshift cutters, baking them then making... Continue Reading →

It’s all about Hugh….

Anne is here! After weeks upon weeks of planning, she arrived post work on Friday, I'd say fresh for the weekend but it's more like as fresh as one is after 6 hours on a train from Devon. We were primed for our weekend adventures. The plan? A low key Friday night followed by a... Continue Reading →

"What is a weekend?"

Another weekend draws to a halt, ushering in the dreaded working week. I spend my Sunday's in some wistful contemplation of what I have so enjoyed of my previous day of freedom and what I so wholly wish to avoid in my upcoming return to the office. Such is the irony of life, you spend... Continue Reading →

Blue about Basu

Hello world.You join me at a dark point. A key point some could say, where my journey forward is uncertain. The worst news has been announced. Yes that's right, Janet was voted off The Great British Bake Off.Her mousse cake a triumph, her iced fingers let her down. And ultimately, she didn't do a dainty... Continue Reading →

Adventures in pastry.

Quick tea I thought. A quick rough puff or flaky pastry, have a go I said.Who knew there was no such thing. A lawyer who doesn't read on. Moron. I read steps I to 4. Dont read that it involves repetition of said stages 3 times and a thirty minute chilling of the pastry to... Continue Reading →

The Bore Who Bakes

Alas this is not me disparaging Edd and his fantastic new tome. This is me. I have barely ventured out the house this weekend. The weather has been the most glorious welcoming into the Autumn months. Today especially. I ventured out for a run this morning, the air cold, the sun warm, the whole of... Continue Reading →

A Farrell-y messy evening…..

I dedicate this blog post to Marianne Farrell, if it was not for her, my Friday evening wouldn't have been half as eventful as it ended up being.In my world, one has to prepare for moments of regretful drunkenness. I believe that people neurologically have a self-control switch. That thing that kicks in when after... Continue Reading →

Post wedding blues.

I'm so very sad everyone. The bridal blush that I was basking in has faded, as Catherine has jogged on to NYC with her husband and my suit is being steam cleaned in Moss Bros HQ . Oh had sad I am.So let's set the scene. One man, four bridesmaids, one bride, a casual evening... Continue Reading →

Feeling very sorry…..

For oneself that is. I have not been naughty. Well, maybe a tad but nothing to write home about.Our rock and roll experiences continued over the weekend. Add in the excitement of outlet shopping, foccacia baking (tsk, those bake offers are beyond amateur in my eyes), boeuf Bourguignon making, lemon polenta cake baking, pesto making... Continue Reading →

Thursday winning- round one

Now I never got into the whole Charlie Sheen crack breakdown stuff but I enjoy the hash tag winning when stuff goes your way. Now third exercise day in a row, and after 4 miles and body pump Tuesday, 5 and a half miles last night, I thought body pump might be tough today. Not... Continue Reading →

Hilarity in a sentence

Now, as a gay, I have met my share of bitter old queens in my time.But what bitter old queen typed this into Google?"may your marinara sauce never cling to your pasta"Its like a gay version of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. Rather than "a plague on both your houses", I hope your pasta and... Continue Reading →

Sting in the retail

Hola readers. So i can report back from the afternoon tea at Hampton Manor. Afternoon tea was delicious. The selection was beef and ham sandwiches, egg sandwiches and salmon rolls. We duly followed this up by tucking into what invariably was going to be the highlight- the sweet selection.The cake stand was as colourful as... Continue Reading →

Poor poor people of Mykonos…

You hit hard times due to the Economic crisis in Greece, then the next minute you're a salad. Poor Greek peasants. Seriously tho, €7 for a salad? Must be some tasty peasants.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Slapped wrist for blog neglect

Dearest readers. Here is a humble apology. I have been back in the UK for a whole week and I have not put fingertip to screen to check in with my devoted Ukrainian readers (as well as any other devotees that I may have out there). So where did I leave you? Oh yes, I... Continue Reading →

In flight Adam-tainment

Heaven knows dear reader when it will be when you read this. It could be years from now as you trawl the Internet, it could be hours from now if my hotel has Wifi but at this beautiful moment I am somewhere in the air at 10am GMT in a plan en route to my... Continue Reading →

Big in Russia

Does anyone know why I am currently massive in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia?Seriously, 30 odd hits a day. Whilst I seem to be isolating my American readers. Im isolating anyone Ina related recently, have barely had time to watch with my Mykonos body obsession.I need to address a few points:1) To the site visitor who... Continue Reading →

Unusual blog visitor number 217

Today I found someone came across What Would Ina Do after googling "Lesbians in dressing gowns". I am on page 3 next to Nigella selling a bread bin in the sexiest bread bin pose I have ever seen. I'm one of the only people in a dressing gown on the page, apart from Gail Platt.... Continue Reading →

Post Kylie blues

What do I do now that I have visited the fountains of the goddess Aphrodite and there is nothing to look forward to? Oh that's it. I go to Brighton and run 26.2 miles next week. But that's next weeks ridiculous task.Luke and I at Kylie! Here is our view. Amazing seats. Those poor people... Continue Reading →

The irrational gym tale

Was just getting changed when someone putting his coat on rather frantically managed to punch me in the side of the head. Now I don't care very much about this, accidents happen and it was not painful. The tale is what happened next. The guy turned round, tutted like a disapproving woman does to a... Continue Reading →

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