A tale of bananas and bossy mothers

Hello dearest hearts, it's a poor show i know but here is the second post for 2012. I'm afraid I'm going into some winter nesting mode, which I'm aware should lead to me spending many an hour leaning over an iPad drafting some witticisms for your delectation. But I haven't. I have spent it tidying... Continue Reading →

A Farrell-y messy evening…..

I dedicate this blog post to Marianne Farrell, if it was not for her, my Friday evening wouldn't have been half as eventful as it ended up being.In my world, one has to prepare for moments of regretful drunkenness. I believe that people neurologically have a self-control switch. That thing that kicks in when after... Continue Reading →

Decisions reached in desperation

Welcome to day 2 of the 3 day weekend. It's that thing of British quirkiness, the bank holiday weekend. In the light of the banking crisis, it feels ironic that we still have public holidays that are dedicated to allowing our bankers an extra lie in. Well, my cake fast went well, it lasted till... Continue Reading →

Fruit = Not cake

Alas I'm on a pre Mykonos fat flush. If you call mid morning dry toast with a tomato dip and half a dozen after eight mints a diet.I'm trying to be good. Limit carbs, limit saturated fat, and my biggest regret was agreeing a fat flush that involved limiting the amount I baked. No more... Continue Reading →

Avoiding temptation at every angle

Post gym, and post dinner. I'm currently watching Holby City whilst trying to stop listing my favourite sweet foods. I have started with brownies, moved on to cheesecake, went on to victoria sandwich, coffee and walnut cake, lemon drizzle cake, Eton mess, Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt.... The list goes on. I'm currently trying to avoid... Continue Reading →

A world of frustration

Alas, d day draws near, with my interview taking place next week. It feels almost ironic that I have a marathon to complete first. When I think back to how long this process has been hanging over me, it almost felt like it would never come. I'm almost willing it on now, as we need... Continue Reading →

The irrational gym tale

Was just getting changed when someone putting his coat on rather frantically managed to punch me in the side of the head. Now I don't care very much about this, accidents happen and it was not painful. The tale is what happened next. The guy turned round, tutted like a disapproving woman does to a... Continue Reading →

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