Step back in thyme

You know Twitter? Well it gets on my tits sometimes. My approach to Twitter more to the point. I fill it full of people I loathe. The inarticulate, the mundane, the downright irritating. Of course interspersed with some wonderful tweeters of course. But it's like a compulsion to me to follow people in spite of... Continue Reading →

Blogging, Baking, Berlin and Blisters

Im going rogue writing this post, as I am using blogging as a new stress reliever. Whilst I usually read some overly wordy descriptions of a Kardashian leaving SoulCycle on Daily Mail, or read their latest diss post regarding Justin Bieber (honestly, I know the kid isnt likeable, but give that level of fame to... Continue Reading →

Adams week off- in pictures

I have indeed had a week off.Alas faithful readers I let you down. All this time off and no blog post. I hang my head in shame. In my defence, I have taken up the hobby of icing biscuits.From making the dough, chilling it, cutting them out, even making makeshift cutters, baking them then making... Continue Reading →

"What is a weekend?"

Another weekend draws to a halt, ushering in the dreaded working week. I spend my Sunday's in some wistful contemplation of what I have so enjoyed of my previous day of freedom and what I so wholly wish to avoid in my upcoming return to the office. Such is the irony of life, you spend... Continue Reading →

The Bore Who Bakes

Alas this is not me disparaging Edd and his fantastic new tome. This is me. I have barely ventured out the house this weekend. The weather has been the most glorious welcoming into the Autumn months. Today especially. I ventured out for a run this morning, the air cold, the sun warm, the whole of... Continue Reading →

A Farrell-y messy evening…..

I dedicate this blog post to Marianne Farrell, if it was not for her, my Friday evening wouldn't have been half as eventful as it ended up being.In my world, one has to prepare for moments of regretful drunkenness. I believe that people neurologically have a self-control switch. That thing that kicks in when after... Continue Reading →

Feeling very sorry…..

For oneself that is. I have not been naughty. Well, maybe a tad but nothing to write home about.Our rock and roll experiences continued over the weekend. Add in the excitement of outlet shopping, foccacia baking (tsk, those bake offers are beyond amateur in my eyes), boeuf Bourguignon making, lemon polenta cake baking, pesto making... Continue Reading →

Hilarity in a sentence

Now, as a gay, I have met my share of bitter old queens in my time.But what bitter old queen typed this into Google?"may your marinara sauce never cling to your pasta"Its like a gay version of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. Rather than "a plague on both your houses", I hope your pasta and... Continue Reading →

Sting in the retail

Hola readers. So i can report back from the afternoon tea at Hampton Manor. Afternoon tea was delicious. The selection was beef and ham sandwiches, egg sandwiches and salmon rolls. We duly followed this up by tucking into what invariably was going to be the highlight- the sweet selection.The cake stand was as colourful as... Continue Reading →

Make room for a macaroon

Alas, I previously attempted some chocolate ganache macaroons. The recipe was Edd Kimber's taken from Good Food Magazine. The recipe read like some piece of GCSE science exam paper, the technique was relentless and unforgiving. Process the powdered items, mix in some egg White, whisk the rest, boil sugar and water to soft ball stage,... Continue Reading →

Slapped wrist for blog neglect

Dearest readers. Here is a humble apology. I have been back in the UK for a whole week and I have not put fingertip to screen to check in with my devoted Ukrainian readers (as well as any other devotees that I may have out there). So where did I leave you? Oh yes, I... Continue Reading →

Mykonos update-take 2

If this appears somewhat brief, don't hate me, I have already typed this once and BlogPress decided to launch it Lords knows where. In my dreams, it appears on some Christian blog somewhere, where my tale of binge drinking and dancing with homosexuals will really start a new conversation thread.5 days in, 5 left to... Continue Reading →

In flight Adam-tainment

Heaven knows dear reader when it will be when you read this. It could be years from now as you trawl the Internet, it could be hours from now if my hotel has Wifi but at this beautiful moment I am somewhere in the air at 10am GMT in a plan en route to my... Continue Reading →

Big in Russia

Does anyone know why I am currently massive in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia?Seriously, 30 odd hits a day. Whilst I seem to be isolating my American readers. Im isolating anyone Ina related recently, have barely had time to watch with my Mykonos body obsession.I need to address a few points:1) To the site visitor who... Continue Reading →

In time honoured tradition

So it's Friday the 13th and I was hoping for a quiet day in the office. Just one day where things that needed to be done some time ago could get done. Documents drafted, letters written, applications done. Stuff that's burning a hole in my brain at 11pm at night, get it off my desk.Alas... Continue Reading →

Late-ish night baking bliss

I am avoiding Alan Sugar. I have not upset him, like Piers Morgan has. It is just that I find The Apprentice quite stressful. The tension builds to a point I just struggle with. I don't want to feel like the terrible weight of the world is now in my stomach. I just want the... Continue Reading →

Now here’s a thing

Tonight was the first time ever that I have heard Ina refer to herself as "the barefoot contessa". I have honestly never heard her call herself that. She is always Ina Garten. She after all inherited the name from the previous owners of her store in the Hamptons. They inherited the name from Ava Gardner... Continue Reading →

The results are in…..

You join me at the end of a day that feels unproductive. I mean, I did run 13.1 miles, but it still feels unproductive as after that I have been to Waitrose, cooked two meals but done bugger all it feels.Pete did so well, however our need to run to music meant he missed my... Continue Reading →

I want it to be exactly nine inches….

That's an Ina quote, but the double entendre made me giggle. I had epic gym fail last night. Forgot to take any gym clothes. Had to swim. I'm the worlds most useless swimmer. Well, there are people there whose ability seems to be as bad as mine, including one of the most sculpted guys this... Continue Reading →

Tonight we’re cooking with ‘erbs!

I'm finally starting to feel human again. The weekends excess is slowly seeping out of my system. Last night I even had a glass of wine. I'm so crazy! Look at me, I'm a rebel!Pete has managed to encourage me to do the Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday. The upshot of this is the calorie... Continue Reading →

So how have you been?

I got so good at posting for a while world, didn't I?Alas no more. I have become lame again. l have been having a post everything slump. Work wise, I'm still stressed. I think io have finally been able to exhale, take a few deep breaths, look around me and see my bulging post trays... Continue Reading →

The fishy goings-on of a Monday evening

Work yesterday continued to be a place of paranoia. The announcement is imminent. The tension is building. The output is minimal. I tell you, it will take a genius to boost morale post this experience.Work came and went like the blink of eye. It was an unmemorable Tuesday. Becky came to stay so I did... Continue Reading →

Post-marathon moanings

Ok ok, I apologise. One whole day abandoned, and I assume you were all on tenterhooks about how I got on. Best part? Carb loading. Lunch? Bread basket and pasta. Tea? Bruschetta and massive pizza. I was not arguing. Loved every bite! Went to see Source Code again. Not a good idea to see a... Continue Reading →

Living for the Weekend!

It should be fine. It should not bother me. But two half days in the office gives me that Friday feeling in spades, the promise of two clear days off!!Im off to the gym in a bit to make sure that I am in credit for the booze and food I will be taking on,... Continue Reading →

Even less of a day off

So I went into work again. Just to do a quick hearing. So of course it was over half a day in court sat around waiting for other folk to pull their fingers out. It's funny as half a day sounds like the window to a more luxurious time, the chance to do things and... Continue Reading →

Day off, but half day in

Yes folks, I went into work. Sad but true. It's amazing, you go in for half a day, but end up doing more than in about 4 days normally as I was really keen to get done and get out. I came home to tackle some of the chores. I put the washing in, made... Continue Reading →

Quick post to quieten the madness

I have just been bought up to speed on the madness around Ina and Enzo, the child with leukaemia she apparently turned down a request to cook with.The Ina I know would not have done that. If she will cater a labrador's 4th birthday she would cater for them. I believe Ina that this request... Continue Reading →

Disturbing dedication

Listening to Steve Wright's Sunday love Songs. A woman called Pam just described herself as her husband's "friend, lover and wife". At 9.20am. I'm a bit put about by this. Very erotic language for middle class Sunday morning radio. That is all.- I don't run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And... Continue Reading →

Such fun!

I had such a fabulous afternoon. The Great John Street Hotel is the best place for afternoon tea. We were ushered into a little lounge room, with padded arm chairs and little silver tables. Service wise, well it was average but the finger sandwiches of turkey and cranberry, beef and horseradish, salmon and cream cheese,... Continue Reading →

Train blogging once again

Had to give up on the radio player app as it kept cutting out so I'm travelling with you dear readers. Well with you firmly in mind. Here are my offerings for the girls. Loaves. Neither are burnt, don't know why the one on the left looks charred beyond recognition. Bizarre. Every blog u read... Continue Reading →

Rachel Allen’s Dinner Parties

I have to "come out" to you. I hate this programme. Some rather flamboyant gay called Jonathon is hosting the most chaste, boring looking party with some snide looking friends who get so dressed ip to go to someone's house for tea. I mean I like a bit of effort but not like ladies day... Continue Reading →

Friday night impromptu fun

So yesterday I managed my run. A measly 7 miles as I was so damn tired still. Had a tired week all in all. I made some bread, was very pleased with the outcome. I then got too cosy in the kitchen and went on to cupcakes. Now I am funny about chocolate cake, always... Continue Reading →

Day off

Morning folks. I have the day off. It's a random day off but exciting nonetheless!So far, done nothing. Small lie in, episode of ChoccyWoccyDooDah, toast, begun a phone software upgrade I'm immediately regretting starting, and played around with blog layout and design. How do I look? Any good? Feedback very much appreciated!Pete has given me... Continue Reading →

Minor Irritants

Yes Dear hearts, I think I will yet again be blog-based venting.After what can be described as a "mixed" day, where I had work successes meeting work based frustration, I have finished the day on a somewhat melancholic note. As the cuts begin to bite (BBC copy, not my own), we got the dates for... Continue Reading →

Dream the impossible dream

Work is driving me insane. All I think about all day, when I'm not thinking about everything I should be doing but can't of don't have the time to do, is food. And more food. And how I love food. And wish I was around food. So for a few weeks I dreamed a silly... Continue Reading →

Dinner Party debrief.

Bought a new pan tonight ready for guests, as I was doing pasta and meatballs, which has become my dinner party/ guest meal of choice. Well, I would do something different but Pete had raved so people gave been asking for it when they come. I got a lovely Chasseur 30cm pan with deep sides... Continue Reading →

All’s Well…..

Roast Pork was fab. Very nervous about my still wobbly tart...... Brighton all booked. My attempts to economically book our hotel fell flat. It cost about a tenner more. Oh well.Watched My Fair Lady. Pete had never seen it. I can't believe that. And him, a homosexual. Love that film. Bed now, before 10pm. Must... Continue Reading →

Julio Iglesias

Yes people, there is a triple play of Julio on at the moment. It's at this moment I realise I have turned into my parents. I can remember when I would sit upstairs like Tracy Barlow before she took the tab of e, got Samir's kidney and her face changed, listening to Radio 1 and... Continue Reading →

In the kitchen today…

I battled post run fatigue, successfully I may add, and baked a variation on key lime pie. No key limes. No limes either. Just squeezy dirty fake lime, which I love. But I had lemons, so I have made a Lemon and Lime pie. It came out well. It's wobbly underneath. Is that wrong? Who... Continue Reading →

Practice makes less than perfect

Well, the doughy bread appears to be my own fault for cutting it too warm. Mistake made, lesson learnt. The small round loaf was great. Had it at lunchtime with baked beans. Not so classy but lovely all the same.Went for a long walk. Had a Starbucks, looked around some stores before I returned home... Continue Reading →

Epic bread fail

Stupid tomato timer didn't go off and it browned far too much.It's almost charred on the top. I will report on it's taste later but i'm a bit gutted!Gorgeous day. Must get outside. May take a slighted charred sandwich in my pack up.Update- doughy. Kinda inedible. Sad times. But hey ho, I learn with every... Continue Reading →

So sorry for Friday Failure

Well, I failed. I have to admit. I attempted to make sure that I could blog, quick tea organised etc, but alas, I was fast asleep by about 9.30pm. Pete and I watched as my Comic Relief that my heart could stand, too much sobbing on a Friday night deflates ones soul. Amazing work tho,... Continue Reading →


Have had a particularly long and arduous day. Court was long, and tiring. This morning peaked too soon with Amy's birthday coffee in Starbucks. She loved her Magnolia Bakery Cookbook and bunny and butterfly cookie cutters from Lakeland, served up in a Le Creuset heart-shaped ramekin with mini eggs. I also managed to find the... Continue Reading →

Visual treat for Thursday

Here are Amy's birthday Malteaser Cupcakes!In their bespoke carrying vessel!In sure Tony would agree, they truly are grrrreat!- I don't run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

Pre-sleep post

Hey world, here I am.....(Little Barbra Streisand quote for you. In case you could not tell I was gay yet)I can't post picks of tonight's bake, as it's a surprise for someone and I don't want to spoil it. And he or she may check my blog out before bed. Like I say, they may... Continue Reading →

Bed time

Goodnight folks. Sweet dreams y'all.- I don't run for pleasure. I run for the love of cake. And bread. And pie.

Hey y’all

Hope y'all doing ok.Long day today. Comedy moments tho, including me having a dot com meltdown. It appears whatever happened via me signing up very rashly this morning, I ended up creating about a dozen accounts and struggled to pair up blog and site. It also appears I know nothing about websites. I must let... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning blues abated

So I went to work at an earlier hour than usual today. I departed for work prior to 7am, and arrived at the office about 7.15am. I needed to do some reading for court but had to go to a meeting before so needed to find the time. I managed to get the court reading... Continue Reading →

And the survey says?

Two thumbs up for the boeuf Bourguignon! Cotes du Rhone used, as per one of the recommended wines. Now I followed it to the letter, including the method of skimming fat, browning mushrooms, braising the onions (baby onions not located so used shallots), washing the casserole after baking, adding the mushrooms and onions, readding the... Continue Reading →

Our daily bread

Is today a granary loaf. And here it is!And today's Sunday supper, all meaty and delicious, will be a boeuf bourguignon. Julia Child's Boeuf bourguignon. I simply have to braise baby onions in beef stock and sautĂ© some mushrooms in butter to add to the mix before I serve and I'm done. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Et voila

Ta dah!Here you go. White chocolate and salted peanut cookies. Hmm....And off I went, induced into a warm kitchen, Julie and Julia trance, with a thirst to do more high calorie damage. Like a cyborg created by Skynet to whip up a mean buffet. So I cracked open my new book....Here is the book/hair shot!There... Continue Reading →

Baking in action

White chocolate and salted peanut cookies in action.Got to love Trex. Fabulous stuff. I don't really know why it has a bad press. I think it's just a bit 50's. But it is light as a feather. And yes, that is Julie and Julia playing again. Love it.More later! When I'm done....Plus wait for the... Continue Reading →

Early to bed? On a weekend?

I love Friday nights, it has a natural energy that no other night has. Yet I spoilt this week's buzz by having the afternoon off. The reason being that Pete was off work and we met up for a trip shopping and lunch at Chilango. Now Chilango kinda makes fast food good food. Burritos quesidillas... Continue Reading →

Long day, slow cooking

There is a well known saying that preparation is the key to success. Now that person who said that is the reason the world feels inadequate 9 times out of ten. Indeed, I would love to be better prepared. It would also include that great ability to pause time so I could get my work... Continue Reading →

Hey Pesto

Yes everyone, first attempt at home made pesto- winning ( to quote Charlie Sheen).Key? Pine nuts and walnuts, Parmesan cheese and good olive oil. Ina also adds peas, but I don't have frozen ones in. Im a fan of Farrows tinned marrowfat peas, only because if you add an avocado and lime juice you get... Continue Reading →

Finally allowed to play

So I finally got to hear the buzz of my Kenwood Chef. So I decided to make the most of it. Nothing gets me on my feet faster than Pete saying "I fancy this Jude Law film". Jude law kills all films. Except Sherlock Holmes.So I retreated off to my Sunday Culinary Club, membership one.... Continue Reading →

I’m done prior to 2pm….

20 miles. Yes it is a bloody long way. So I set off this morning to do my long run. Last year I did a 23 mile run. I won't bother again this year. 20 miles was long enough. I said yesterday that I imagined I'd feel sore. Damn right I do. With a stiffness... Continue Reading →

The fruits of my labour

Two loaves!1 baked and sampled, one cooling ready for our freezer! To say I have almost jumped to the more technical end of baking, a yeastless loaf, is an understatement. But it does make me proud to know some idiot from Dudley can use a couple of books and actually figure out how to handle... Continue Reading →

A strange days baking….

I have today discovered that my Kenwood Chef does not like being on the floor with the dough hook. It also does not like the dough hook period. It kept unlocking itself and flying up. It defeats the object of having a stand mixer if I can't have a pee whilst it's working for fear... Continue Reading →

Train blogging may save my soul

So it's hour 3 of my working day. Yes. It's 7.26am and I am still trying to get to London. To say it's 2 hours 7 minutes from Sheffield to London and here i am still north of Peterborough. The reason is I have been bought some bizarre ticket that took me east for an... Continue Reading →

Up too early

Well, last night was an unexpectedly eventful one. Went to the gym for the obligatory 12k run, and sweating competition whereupon I remain some national champion. I then headed to a networking event, which I arrived at at the very worst moment as people seemed to be presenting things and applauding having done some group... Continue Reading →

Gratuitous cake shots!

Just because I'm obsessed with cake, here we go!Once again, let's hear it for the Hummingbird Bakery's Red Velvet Cake.......And stay tuned for a progress report on Adam Millward's lemon cupcakes, produced for Pete's workmates tomorrow!I'm wasted as a lawyer.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Greetings from old aching legs

Yes ladies and gents I'm now well into my Brighton Marathon training which means I'm forever buggered, legs wise. Today was a 14 miler, which I turned into a 13.2 miler as I simply couldn't be arsed to lap the block again on the search for .8 miles which I feel were the least necessary... Continue Reading →

Tardy again

Yes world I know I keep letting you down. Have been off since Thursday as well. What's my excuse? None I'm afraid. I'll try and get better. No more pledges. Mad photo blog today tho.I can finally comfortably blog about Catherine's 30th. I have had this secret for some time, and she properly had face... Continue Reading →

Court in the act….

Yes im blogging from a windowsill at court again. I have written my order and it's in court, and im awaiting judicial approval of my wonderful piece of work! This week is going ok, the mock interview experience had calmed me down somewhat. It was good all round, he was very positive and makes me... Continue Reading →

Saturday indulgence

So, it's Saturday. I've watched an episode of Skins, watched some Saturday Kitchen, had breakfast whilst cringing at a Keanu Reeves interview on BBC Breakfast and am now in town.All gravy so far!Here was my Costa Coffee purchase a few minutes ago:And here it is now:Poor old cupcake. Never stood a chance!- Posted using BlogPress... Continue Reading →

Evenin’ all…,

So here we are. Another week has passed, weekend drawing to a close. And I'm feeling rough as anything. Sub zero temperatures, single glazing and hangover tendency to go from hot to cold hot to cold on Saturday means I feel run down and flu-ey!And I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I... Continue Reading →

Bonjour weekend!

Here I sit in front of the episode of Barefoot Contessa I always seem to see when I sit down to indulge in an episode. It's the one with Stephen and Frank coming back from England with two seemingly empty suitcases to the Mac and Cheese. It's ok, but after 181 viewings it's tired.So on... Continue Reading →

Dust! Friends!

Yes everyone, I am quoting my favourite Nelly Furtado lyrics as the name of today's post as I have been listening to my iPod on shuffle whilst at the gym and had avery random selection of songs to accompany my seven miles this evening. I ended up listening to a lot of Nelly for some... Continue Reading →

Too long, too little blogging

Apologies for my absenteeism. There is no justification for it. I'm simply tardy. I should try some elaborate reasons about life getting in the way, busy working life etc. But it was just that post gym Friday I was too tired to say my name. Let alone wax on about my oh so amusing life.... Continue Reading →

A weekend that changes everything

Jambo!Not really re the title. It's been a bit of a boring one after the Friday night lights blazed like a big old bloody bonfire. It was boozy, bitchy, bonkers fun. Amy, Pete and I sank the drinks, danced Sheffield under the table and made some acquaintances for the night that were rather odd.Firstly there... Continue Reading →

The search ends here

So I'm afraid marshmallow filling for my whoopie pies is a no goer. Nowhere in Sheffield I have contacted sells Marshmallow Fluff. T K Maxx, who I have known to stock the Strawberry fluff, is out, Sainsburys don't stock it, nor do Waitrose. I'm afraid it will be buttercream or jog on elsewhere I'm afraid.... Continue Reading →

A great British bake off indeed

Le Bistrot Pierre dropped a ball. Alas, when somewhere sets itself high standards you feel like a true Brit, willing them to fail in some way. Well not so much willing them, I am a paying customer after all, but I wanted to see if the positively note perfect culinary establishment could keep up the... Continue Reading →

Guess who’s Going Out To Dinner

Ina was this morning making a gorgeous dinner for Jeffrey, who came home on time adorned with arms full of fresh produce and a heart full of love, an I thought how different my life and world is than Ina's. Pete and I's Friday night reunion was after only one working day and consisted in... Continue Reading →

Don’t tell the children

So I took the title from the Chambourcey Chocolate Mousse adverts of yesteryear as I'm not telling Pete that I had four whole cocktails tonight. That's right four. Amy and I decided to hit up The Old House on Division St on a Thursday cos that's the way we roll. Well, she wanted to tell... Continue Reading →

Long day and achier legs

Ina tonight made two types of soup in the worlds biggest Le Creuset casserole dishes. One was a lentil and sausage soup, one was a fish stew. I know, I know, was it soup or stew? That was the conundrum we all faced throughout this episode. I don't ultimately believe I know the difference any... Continue Reading →

To the wire…

Yes I know, seven am is no time to be blogging. But I'm in no hurry to jumbo out of bed. I have professed my determination to approach the return to work a bit less chaotically today than yesterday. I put yesterday down to feeling my way back in, sorting a few urgent consequences out... Continue Reading →

Taste of success

Alas, my statement about conquering some exercise today was over optimistic. Today has been a day where I have focused on domesticity first and foremost. And alas I have the sweet smell of success wafting from the kitchen.Firstly, I allowed Pete to indulge his Andrew Marr obsession. It was some Nick Clegg special or something,... Continue Reading →

Back in the UK

Greetings world. I'm back. As ilk be blogging. I'm a bit rusty at it all but here goes.Final day was great. I had spent most if the previous day holed up, a bit blurred as a result of the events that had passed, and with the best and worst of US television as company. We... Continue Reading →

Dark nights and a lost day

Alas there have been some dark moments in Chicago. Not least my wallet and camera being stolen whilst I was coming home after a night out in Boystown. Alas, I have been very upset over it, but have the perspective to know that seeing as I have only lost a handful of photos as I... Continue Reading →

A lesson in going native

I'm so used to doing a daily blog that I thought this would be the easiest one to write yet. Alas I have been having such a mad old time of it I almost struggle to keep time in perspective. Yesterday feels like an age away. This morning, if you can count it as this... Continue Reading →

Hmm I love this city. Already.

So today started prematurely, as I previously announced. It began with a trip to the gym, running for an hour, which really got my bloody pumping and the adrenaline levels high. I walked Pete to the conference venue, whilst I sought out an El so I could get to Wicker Park. Whilst on the platform,... Continue Reading →

This bit is a little messy….

Friday nights are always fun. That first shred of demob happiness that you get because it's three sleeps till work comes back around is intoxicating. And I decided to crack open the Veuve Clicquot Rose whilst eating pizza and watching a Back to Basics double bill. Hmm, you can see how this goes. It's basic... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Art of Faux Cooking

Julie and Julia arrived today. My second copy. Ssh don't tell Pete. I left the other at my mum's and I could stand the idea of being without it. It's my thrill, watching this movie. Just watching the food and cookery excites me. And I do adore French food. The sauces, the meat, the intricacy... Continue Reading →

The morning after the night before

So today was the first day of a crazy week whereupon I was preparing myself for a day prepping cases for the duration of my holiday. It sounds weird, a week prepping for the next week. But over the next few weeks, I have numerous contested hearings, final hearings etc which need counsel to be... Continue Reading →

Guess where I went for a light supper?

And yes fact fans, those eggs are extra large. And she certainly added butter. And good vanilla.Thanks Ina and Jeffrey. And tell Miguel he did a great job on the table. And loved Michael's floral arrangement.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Guess who has some new toys?

Yes that's right. I got the iPad camera connector and a camera, more importantly. I'm a bit sulky at the moment as I have already scuffed the camera, don't know how.But it takes fab pictures. Like this one here, of the coffee and walnut cake I made on Thursday. You can see how good the... Continue Reading →

This is Ina 911

Friday night chez moi tends to include a pleasure pain balance exercise. It's two gym classes followed by a blow out dinner. Last night was no exception. Someone who irritates me to buggery was in the class. It is irrational irritation but nonetheless it's there. I know it should be all about my workout, but... Continue Reading →

We know it makes sense. Apparently

Exhausting. That is how every day is presenting itself to me. As a completely exhausting experience, physically and emotionally. I have faced everyday the uncertainty of my position in the public sector, starting with salary, moving on to job structure and now just wavering onto the issue of how many jobs there are going to... Continue Reading →

Public service announcement

So sadly apparently three kids in the US have committed suicide in as many weeks over homophobic bullying, so a campaign is being pushed to let people know that life, as with wine, does get better.I sat and thought of my own journey. I was called gay, poof, sissy, queer from as long ago as... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t that look fabulous

Ok so im writing this tipsy. I get this admission over and done with in case any elements of this don't make sense or if this entire post is somewhat brief.Met up with my gay mafia contingent, Harry and Rachel, to plan our event. We assume it will be fab, and it will. We had... Continue Reading →

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