So how have you been?

I got so good at posting for a while world, didn't I?Alas no more. I have become lame again. l have been having a post everything slump. Work wise, I'm still stressed. I think io have finally been able to exhale, take a few deep breaths, look around me and see my bulging post trays... Continue Reading →

The fishy goings-on of a Monday evening

Work yesterday continued to be a place of paranoia. The announcement is imminent. The tension is building. The output is minimal. I tell you, it will take a genius to boost morale post this experience.Work came and went like the blink of eye. It was an unmemorable Tuesday. Becky came to stay so I did... Continue Reading →

Even less of a day off

So I went into work again. Just to do a quick hearing. So of course it was over half a day in court sat around waiting for other folk to pull their fingers out. It's funny as half a day sounds like the window to a more luxurious time, the chance to do things and... Continue Reading →

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