New Post for a New Year

I know what you are all thinking. Just how busy can one guy be that he neglects the blog for so long? The reality of it is that I have been horrendously busy. I mean, if I use hindsight, I would have had a cheeky half hour here and there, but it has been a... Continue Reading →

Adventures in pastry.

Quick tea I thought. A quick rough puff or flaky pastry, have a go I said.Who knew there was no such thing. A lawyer who doesn't read on. Moron. I read steps I to 4. Dont read that it involves repetition of said stages 3 times and a thirty minute chilling of the pastry to... Continue Reading →

The Bore Who Bakes

Alas this is not me disparaging Edd and his fantastic new tome. This is me. I have barely ventured out the house this weekend. The weather has been the most glorious welcoming into the Autumn months. Today especially. I ventured out for a run this morning, the air cold, the sun warm, the whole of... Continue Reading →

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