A word with myself….

I don't really know what motivates me when it comes to writing. What we can be sure of is that it is not a constant motivator. I haven't blogged consistently ever, and this means that any fantasy I ever had about finding a readership, a following, a crowd, is highly unlikely as no one is... Continue Reading →

The End is Nigh…….

I'm reflecting on the last few months of disruption and chaos. Before me is a coffee table, which currently houses a frying pan, two tins of dog food, the vodka I'm infusing with blackcurrants, a bottle of chilli sauce, three glasses, my plates and mugs, my zester, the fruit bowl and assorted cutlery. To the... Continue Reading →

About last night……

Over the last couple of weeks, things have changed profoundly for everyone around me. In reality, this week hasn't changed society here in Western Europe, in the British Isles, one little bit. Sadly the UK has been relatively resilient to terrorism throughout my 36 years on this planet, if not before. But for me, and... Continue Reading →

A Food Lovers Kryptonite

Oh how I've chortled at the witticisms of some of my favourite food writers. The retorts about never knowingly under catering from Nigella, Ina talking about good food, good company and cocktails being a perfect evening- they have given me the same false hope they give everyone. Sure, I'm not waiting 12 minutes for a... Continue Reading →

The Construction of Reality

If someone asks what its like to undertake major remodelling work, a major add on to their home, living out of one room with everything in boxes, nothing to hand, they won't tell you the truth. You will hear cliches- best thing I've ever done. The time goes so quickly. It's exciting, seeing it come... Continue Reading →

Let Madness Commence……

You find me sat in the lounge, watching one of those episodes of Location, Location, Location where they revisit couples. I cannot take to tonight's couples at all. Now before their friends and relatives call me all sorts of rude names, it really isn't their fault. Tonight is the quiet before the storm. Tomorrow is a... Continue Reading →

Have Cake, Will Travel

Any time you need to bake ahead, I tend to have the same advice- oil cake or loaf cake. Oil cakes are a god send as the texture is often denser, which means the cake can't be accused of being light and fluffy. In my experience light and fluffy is also code for "perishing before... Continue Reading →


One of the hardest parts of being a grown up is that there are very few breaks in the continuity of everyday life. The trite cliche of the treadmill of life is much maligned, but the reason it is so overused simply reflects the accuracy of the analogy. There is so little break from the... Continue Reading →

A Season to Remember

I adore the Christmas period. Twinkly lights, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside in the form of a fir tree, holly and garlands. Food. Marzipan. Preserves. Cheese. Hams. And family.All this is so well depicted on tv. Films where hope is brought to the hopeless, love to the unloved, Santa is rescued from being... Continue Reading →

Great news!

I am with phone again!!!!Can't tell you how pleased I am. I feel modern once more.To celebrate I'll do a happy dance. Just to be on the safe side I'm going to put this photo of Daphne and I just here for safe keeping........- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

What’s Cooking?

Evening all.I really want to do some witty recap blog, having left you all at a moment of great sadness etc. instead I'm going to try to recap in some intelligent and witty fashion and will fail. It's whilst I'm exploring more of the best of gay cinema, namely a film starring Kurt from Hollyoaks... Continue Reading →

Songs in Ordinary Wine

Today marks my first sober day since last Wednesday. Small steps towards sanity, small steps. Now that's not to say I've had days of endless booze, amateur dramatics worthy of a Real Housewife, followed by passing out in a doorway, but in a world where I have been cutting back to lean myself up for... Continue Reading →

And so to bed……

We are having dog bedtime issues. She won't settle on "her" bed of choice.Ours is preferable. In particular, my side. Now we have tried shifting her off but she just returns to re-route me. She has her own armchair upon which to sleep. Not her favourite. Her number one choice is the spare double bed.The... Continue Reading →

A Late Night Note

Long day. Very long day. Cold starting to abate so I'm planning on my return to exercise. Run in the morning planned as I'm off dog duty. I have a Cottage pie in the oven whilst I watch First Dates. A simple concept for a show bringing me much much pleasure.It's hilarious to watch as... Continue Reading →

Pooch on a train

My current position is sat on a train with Daphne on my lap travelling to my parents. I do love the fact people talk to you when you have a dog. Sadly I'm not a big talker in these situations. But I get why they can't resist a chat and a cuddle with this beast.I... Continue Reading →

What you’ve all missed

Well it's been cray cray over the last few months I can't even begin to start. Hold on while I try to catch you up.I'd get up, walk the hound, eat cereal, go to work, come home, pass out , do the same the next day. Then at weekends I'd work on the house till... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Ladies and gentle ladies, I'm coming back for 2014 with tales of renovation, elation, desperation and wine. But for now here is Amy and I hungover and sofa twerking to Jason Derulo. We got skills.- Fuelled by Waitrose, inspired by Ina, Team Nigella since she deep fried a Bounty


Yes Daphne. You are a disgrace. To roll in poo first thing in a morning is unacceptable. I've no idea how to get you upstairs. In cleaner times Daphne and I look like this.Right now this is my face.Grim - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Escaping the TARDIS

This isn't a metaphor. Pete is watching Doctor Who so I thought I would use this as a perfect moment to turn to my blog to blank out the am-dram-ness of this whole thing. It's truly nonsense.Since we last spoke (sadly its a terribly one way conversation these days. Darn you without your comments) I've... Continue Reading →

How the other half lives

Hola world, I trust I find you all well? You find me in my white onesie which I put on clean this morning. To say I have only eaten an instant risotto, a cream/mushroom lasagne and 2 pieces of toast, I seem to have a lot of unidentifiable food items on me, including a massive... Continue Reading →

Important Date

I'm presently watching "Theo's Pooch Party" on Barefoot Contessa.I'm disappointed there are few dog friendly recipes being made. After all its Daphne's birthday on. 10th April. I need to plan her shindig, and being a feeder at heart I will want to be able to indulge her. I mean, a cake with dark chocolate icing?... Continue Reading →

Snowbound with a poorly plus one

After quite a long week, all things considered, I have had the blissfully low key weekend I craved.Last week the little dog was spayed. now any dog owners out there will know, this is unnecessarily stressful. I only decided to do it on Tuesday after being guilted by a fellow dog owner on my morning... Continue Reading →

A tale of unconditional love

I just want to share something.It doesn't matter how many pairs of iPhone headphones at £25 a pop she chews.You should look guilty madam. Absolutely you should. See the evidence.Or how many beds she rips open and proceeds to eat and choke of the stuffing of.Or the fact she has now developed a terrible habit... Continue Reading →

A tale of two challenges

You can sometimes feel like a very long time. As I'm going through the torment that is February, it feels like the idea of getting towards another Christmas, take even getting to the summer feels like a marathon tasking itself. Not least the fact I feel like a member of the working wounded every single... Continue Reading →

2012- a year in review

We are in the post Christmas per new year no mans land where the world seems to be revisiting the last 12 months and, for the most part taking about the Olympics, Clare Balding, One Direction, the various dead and what's to come.I loved 'lympics, I really did, but this must be the year Adam... Continue Reading →

Quick photo blog

I thought I would kill time on my lazy free bus journey to the gym (achey post Birmingham half legs y'see) with a quick update.After a second weekend down my mum's, the dog remains broody for Holly's company. She hates being a solo pup. Makes me feel like a horrible dad.Bicester shopping was a great... Continue Reading →

The aftermath of excess

I remain at ease with my grown upness. The raging weekend has been marvellous. It was Sheffield's very own Food Festival so of course I headed out for that with Marianne and Daphne. A couple of hours wandering from stall to stall allayed my fears. There was always a danger that such smaller festivals would... Continue Reading →

Good morrow good people

I blog on the eve of a monumental day. No, not a birthday, not a wedding, not an anniversary. It is bigger than that. Yes, it's the start of a new season of Barefoot Contessa on Food Network. Which means there is a new book due very soon. Eek. Too exciting. Although to be honest... Continue Reading →

The long hot summer….

I sit on the sofa, iPad connected to the mains, Educating Rita on the telly, and I contemplate my summer to date. Other than my surjourn to Center Parcs, and that was tad odd, it's been quiet.I'm missing one fat holiday, that's what I'm missing. But alas its not happening. Saving for the house continues,... Continue Reading →

Resistance isn’t always futile

I'm itching to bake. I have loads of Oreo cookies I am dying to turn to rubble and bake into some brownies. I have some Marshmallow fluff and milk chocolate to ripple through the brownies, for maximum creamy and chocolatey hit. It's 9pm, and I've been dying to bake all day. I'm trying to watch... Continue Reading →

A Tweet Analysis for the Middle Aged

I have recently started having to properly filter my exposure to negative influences in my life. Now before you start quoting Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman at me, I've not fallen in with Scientologists or anything. I'm talking electronically. I have this perverse thing I like to do, which is indulge in the twitter feeds... Continue Reading →

The trouble with men

Am I alone here, dear readers, in finding Saturday Kitchen these days a bit like the 6th form Common Room. In this, I mean it evokes that memory of having an hour between classes, being driving license-less so you can't bugger off of to Asda or wherever, it's too short a time to walk into... Continue Reading →

My desk

Currently I am snoozing my way into Friday, rather than easing my way, having got up before 6 as I was so worried about the formerly pukey and poorly Daphne ( who is now the excitable and biting little bugger Daphne ) to lie in till the late hour of 6.30am.Fortunately Amy baked. Try to... Continue Reading →

Word of warning

Don't bother me, people. I'm snoozing. On a white waffle cotton dressing gown. With my dirty paws. It's Adam's issue, not mine.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Best new game ever

Can anyone help me with this quiz I have stumbled across.It's like Spot the Ball from the old style Littlewoods Pools. It's called Donde Esta Daphne? Or Where's the Westie?I just can't see her.(ps isn't my little baby just the most amazing little scrap of fur ever?)- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


My newest family member. My first child. My biggest achievement.Meet Daphne.Cute much?Watch how she sleeps.So demure. Covering her modesty.She is 10 weeks old and crazy and fabulous. Love her to death. Although the poo situation always comes as a shock after a period of time between pooches. But it's a paternal thing that you don't... Continue Reading →

A week away…. From sanity

I'm presently at a place called Center Parcs. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's where sane people go to live a life completely set apart from reality. As a person who lives in a house with no garden, a front door that opens onto the footpath, and slap bang in the centre of Sheffield,... Continue Reading →

The day the dream came true

I'm on my knees folks. I'm a terrible man. I'm just so selfish. My life takes over and I neglect you all. I wish I could tell you all some hilarious bits and pieces. What has happened? Well, it's been two months and I can barely remember what's gone down. I went to Kylie last... Continue Reading →

Poor neglected blog

I deserve to be ostracised from the blogging community. As it happens I have been amazingly busy. I have been doubling as solicitor by day, wet nurse by night. Pete remains a poorly lamb, so I have been tending to him. Not very well I don't think. It turns out he needs a rather plain... Continue Reading →

Welfare update

I'm alive world. Fear not. My weight is fluctuating, my skin is fair to middling, my nerves shot, by I'm still alive.Have had home buying drama-cum-tragedy, a poorly Pete and anxiety over a trippy tiger print mulberry dog mac in pink and rose gold but I've come through the other end.Will update you shortly. Check... Continue Reading →

Carb remorse

Yesterday I made a silly decision. Whilst on a top secret mission to the Meadowhall Shopping Centre, I made a daft error in Judgement. I ate an entire cinnamon sugar pretzel. I still want to barf. In other news, I made a batch of Coconut and salted caramel thumbprint cookies. What could go wrong?!?! Nothing!I... Continue Reading →

Weekend in a weekend

This weekend was one of stark contrast. Picture a Friday night of awards ceremony hosting, with live music celebrating the city's vibrant LGBT community. Yes that was us. Harry and I hosting an awards bash applauding the great and good of steel city LGBT community organisations. Go Sheffield!! It is amazing how nerve wracking it... Continue Reading →

Hit me Pastry one more time

I never know where to start when I leave things for this long prior to a post. It's been mad. I have had a stressful few weeks work wise and here I am, scarred, tired and a few lbs heavier.I begin with our mad trip to France, home of food, home of fine patisserie, with... Continue Reading →

Afternoon Tea with the ladies

Today dearest readers I once again attempt (in vain?) sophistication by going to afternoon tea. Not just any afternoon tea. One of my recommended reads (I'm not sure if their Ukrainian Audience share has thus improved as a result) is The Boy Who Bakes, Edd Kimber's blog. And imagine my delight when he announced a... Continue Reading →

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