Holidays and headaches

I write this at I'm guessing tens of thousands of feet in the air. I have no idea how high, the captain hasn’t deigned to inform us of this. A meringue-like blanket of cloud is below us, I've been fortuitous enough to get the window seat for once. Our small aircraft that transports us is... Continue Reading →

A Not So Simple X In A Box

Well this weekend I did the Park Run near my house. I was very excited when I moved up here, so close to the Park Run I'd begun frequenting. However this very same local Park Run had started to get popular. It was starting to be a bit of a drag. Not that anything should stay... Continue Reading →

Let there be light

I'm very excited to announce that this week we have begun to see a teeny bit of daylight post 5pm. That's right, daylight after 5pm. Let's forget about the halcyon days back in the summer where I would sit in the garden till after 10pm listening to Sara Cox and Sounds of the 80's on... Continue Reading →

Step back in thyme

You know Twitter? Well it gets on my tits sometimes. My approach to Twitter more to the point. I fill it full of people I loathe. The inarticulate, the mundane, the downright irritating. Of course interspersed with some wonderful tweeters of course. But it's like a compulsion to me to follow people in spite of... Continue Reading →

"What is a weekend?"

Another weekend draws to a halt, ushering in the dreaded working week. I spend my Sunday's in some wistful contemplation of what I have so enjoyed of my previous day of freedom and what I so wholly wish to avoid in my upcoming return to the office. Such is the irony of life, you spend... Continue Reading →

A Farrell-y messy evening…..

I dedicate this blog post to Marianne Farrell, if it was not for her, my Friday evening wouldn't have been half as eventful as it ended up being.In my world, one has to prepare for moments of regretful drunkenness. I believe that people neurologically have a self-control switch. That thing that kicks in when after... Continue Reading →

Thursday winning- round one

Now I never got into the whole Charlie Sheen crack breakdown stuff but I enjoy the hash tag winning when stuff goes your way. Now third exercise day in a row, and after 4 miles and body pump Tuesday, 5 and a half miles last night, I thought body pump might be tough today. Not... Continue Reading →

Back to the favourite Friday nights

Oh tv, food and flopping on the sofa. How I have missed you. I have tonight made gnocchi with chicken and chorizo in a cream, White wine and tarragon sauce. Lovely.We sacked the run off in favour of some lazy time. Tomorrow morning will be a much more running friendly time. We will endeavour to... Continue Reading →

In flight Adam-tainment

Heaven knows dear reader when it will be when you read this. It could be years from now as you trawl the Internet, it could be hours from now if my hotel has Wifi but at this beautiful moment I am somewhere in the air at 10am GMT in a plan en route to my... Continue Reading →

Attempt to update the world once more

Here I sit at the end of a tester of a day. Having battled belligerence, boiling temperatures, bamboozlement, body pump and back splitting labour. Since I last spoke to you, I spent Friday night baking a lemon tart and polenta cake to gift to my olds. And following this I spent the weekend with them.... Continue Reading →

Let’s whoop for Goop

As I may have mentioned, alongside Ina and Nigella, my new obsession in all matters domestic is Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, Pepper Potts from Iron Man (which she rocked in, btw), old bandaged boobs from Shakespeare in Love, her in the fat suit in Shallow Hal. I hope you are all regular visitors to Goop. It's... Continue Reading →

In time honoured tradition

So it's Friday the 13th and I was hoping for a quiet day in the office. Just one day where things that needed to be done some time ago could get done. Documents drafted, letters written, applications done. Stuff that's burning a hole in my brain at 11pm at night, get it off my desk.Alas... Continue Reading →

Stress plus stress equals stress

Here I am camped out on my bed amidst papers and pens and notes which appear pretty much meaningless now.I forgot how much of a random notetaker I am. I can recall that at university I would try to work from my lecture notes which would pretty much resemble na'vi towards the end. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Quick quick slooooow

Oh world. Tonight was not half as productive as it should have been. I'm trying to focus my mind on my interview whilst slowly finding myself descending into a vapid state of uselessness. I have hopefully got my presentation done, it just needs some polish and flare.I'm exhausted. Mentally my head is in a state... Continue Reading →

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