Have Cake, Will Travel

Any time you need to bake ahead, I tend to have the same advice- oil cake or loaf cake. Oil cakes are a god send as the texture is often denser, which means the cake can't be accused of being light and fluffy. In my experience light and fluffy is also code for "perishing before... Continue Reading →


One of the hardest parts of being a grown up is that there are very few breaks in the continuity of everyday life. The trite cliche of the treadmill of life is much maligned, but the reason it is so overused simply reflects the accuracy of the analogy. There is so little break from the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Kitschen

I am the epitome of the casual blogger. That person who has fits and starts of activity, of interest in the written word, the desire to be creative. Truth be told, and I'm renowned for my honesty, I'm not all that artistic, and have struggled to call myself "creative". And I have no idea if I have... Continue Reading →

Where Adam Rants About Food Shame

This week on my dearly beloved BBC Breakfast we faced the welcome return of Richard Westcott, now the Transport Correspondent, who was in Greenwich demonstrating the first vehicles being piloted as driverless, computer driven vehicles. Sensory devices detect obstacles and steer away or brake to avoid them. All wonderful, all progress. I mean, its ripe... Continue Reading →

Let there be light

I'm very excited to announce that this week we have begun to see a teeny bit of daylight post 5pm. That's right, daylight after 5pm. Let's forget about the halcyon days back in the summer where I would sit in the garden till after 10pm listening to Sara Cox and Sounds of the 80's on... Continue Reading →

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Yes thats correct in the Adam's Blogging Awards Im giving myself the title of worst ever blogger. A good blogger is someone who actually posts. I gave myself the goal of something like 500 words a week. Im not posting it am I. I need to do better, so Im working on some features. You... Continue Reading →

A Season to Remember

I adore the Christmas period. Twinkly lights, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside in the form of a fir tree, holly and garlands. Food. Marzipan. Preserves. Cheese. Hams. And family.All this is so well depicted on tv. Films where hope is brought to the hopeless, love to the unloved, Santa is rescued from being... Continue Reading →

Great news!

I am with phone again!!!!Can't tell you how pleased I am. I feel modern once more.To celebrate I'll do a happy dance. Just to be on the safe side I'm going to put this photo of Daphne and I just here for safe keeping........- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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